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libpdf++ Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
pdf::text::CAbsolutePosRepresent absolute position
pdf::core::CArrayThe PDF array object
pdf::core::CBooleanThe PDF boolean object
pdf::util::CColourPDF colour class
pdf::graph::CDashA class to represent dash line patterns in PDF
pdf::font::CDescriptorPDF font descriptor
pdf::core::CDictionaryThe PDF dictionary class
pdf::CDocA PDF document
pdf::CDocInfoDocument info class
pdf::util::CErrorAn exception class for libpdf++
zlib::CErrorThe zlib exception class
freetype::CFaceThe font face class
pdf::core::CFileA PDF file
pdf::util::CFileErrorAn exception class cause by file error
pdf::font::CFlagsThe font type flags in PDF font descriptor
pdf::font::CFontThe PDF font base class
image::CHeaderImage header class
image::CImageA simple image class
pdf::graph::CImagePDF image class
pdf::page::CInfoPage info class
pdf::graph::CJpegImageAn PDF image xobject create by an JPEG image file
freetype::CLibraryThe freetype library object wrapper
pdf::util::CMatrix2DClass represent a 3x3 matrix for 2D transformation
pdf::core::CNameThe PDF name class
pdf::graph::CNodeA node in a path
pdf::graph::CNode2A node with an x-y coordinate
pdf::page::CNodeBaseA node in a page tree
pdf::graph::CNodesA node class with variable number of arguments
pdf::text::CNullPosA dummy position class
pdf::core::CNumberThe PDF number class
pdf::core::CObjectThe base class of all PDF objects
pdf::core::CObjRefThe object reference class
pdf::text::COffsetPosRepresent relative position
pdf::graph::COperatorA node only an op code
pdf::page::CPageThe page class
pdf::graph::CPathA class represent a path in a PDF document
pdf::text::CPositionA base class representing the position of a text segment in a document
pdf::font::CProgStreamA stream for font program files
pdf::core::CRefObjAn object that can be referened
pdf::page::CResDictResource dictionary of page and page tree nodes
pdf::common::CResourceThe PDF resource base class
pdf::font::CSimpleClass for a simple font in a PDF file
pdf::font::CStandardFont class for the 14 build-in PDF standard fonts
pdf::text::CStateStores text formatting info
pdf::graph::CStateGraph state class
pdf::core::CStreamA PDF stream object
pdf::core::CStringThe PDF string class
pdf::text::CTextThe text segment class
pdf::font::CTrueTypeTruetype font dictionary in PDF
pdf::core::CType2PDFConvert a build-in type to a PDF object type
pdf::graph::CXObjectThe class for PDF xobjects
pdf::page::CXObjInstAn instance of an xobject

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