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libpdf++ File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
Array.ccImplementation of the PDF array class
Array.hh [code]Class for the PDF array object
Colour.ccImplementation of the colour class in PDF
Colour.hh [code]A class to represent colour in a PDF document
ColourSpace.ccImplementation of the colour space class
ColourSpace.hh [code]Definition of the colour space enum class
Dash.ccImplementation of the dash pattern class
Dash.hh [code]Class represent the dash line pattern
Descriptor.ccImplementation of the PDF font descriptor class
Descriptor.hh [code]The PDF font descriptor
Dictionary.ccImplementation of the PDF dictionary class
Dictionary.hh [code]A PDF dictionary class
Doc.ccPDF document class
Doc.hh [code]PDF document class
DocInfo.ccDocument information dictionary class
DocInfo.hh [code]Document information dictionary class
font/Error.hh [code]
font/ftwrap/Error.hh [code]
text/Error.hh [code]
util/Error.hh [code]
Face.hh [code]Definition of the freetype face wrapper
FaceBody.hh [code]Definition of the freetype face wrapper class
File.ccA PDF file
File.hh [code]A PDF file. contain a list of PDF object
Flags.ccDefinition of the font flags in PDF font descriptor
Flags.hh [code]Definition of the font flags enum
Flate.ccImplementation of the compression wrappers
Flate.hh [code]Wrapper routine for zlib compression functions
FlateStream.ccImplementation of the CFlateStream class
FlateStream.hh [code]
Font.ccImplementation of the PDF font base class
Font.hh [code]A PDF font object
Glyph.ccImplementation of the freetype glyph wrapper class
Glyph.hh [code]The freetype glyph wrapper
Header.ccImplementation of the image header class
Header.hh [code]Definition of the image header class
image/Image.hh [code]
Image.hh [code]
ImgBase.ccImplementation of the CImgBase class
ImgBase.hh [code]Definition of the CImgBase class
Info.ccImplementation fo the CInfo class
Info.hh [code]Declaration of the CPageInfo class
JpegEncoder.ccImplementation of the JPEG image decoder class
JpegEncoder.hh [code]The JPEG image file decoder class
JpegImage.ccImplementation of the JPEG image class
JpegImage.hh [code]Definition of the CJpegImage class
Library.ccImplementation of the CLibrary class
Library.hh [code]Definition of the freetype library wrapper
LibraryBody.hh [code]Definition of the CLibrary::CBody
Matrix2D.ccThe implementation of the matrix class
Matrix2D.hh [code]A 2D matrix in PDF
Metrics.ccDefinitions of the font width for the PDF standard 14 fonts
Node.ccDefinition of the node classes
Node.hh [code]Definition of path nodes
NodeBase.ccImplementation of the CNodeBase class
NodeBase.hh [code]Definiton of the CNodeBase class
Object.ccImplementation of simple PDF syntax
Object.hh [code]The PDF object class hierachy
Page.ccImplementation of the page class of a PDF document
Page.hh [code]A page in an PDF document
Path.ccImplementation of the path classes
Path.hh [code]A class representing paths in PDF documents
Position.ccImplementation of the text position operations
Position.hh [code]Text position class
ProgStream.ccThe font program stream class
ProgStream.hh [code]The font program stream class
ProxyObj.ccImplementation of the CProxyObj class
ProxyObj.hh [code]Definition of the CProxyObj class
Rect.ccImplementation of the CRect class
Rect.hh [code]The PDF rectangle class
ResDict.ccImplementation of the CResDict class
ResDict.hh [code]Resource dictionary of page and page tree nodes
Resource.ccFont implementation
Resource.hh [code]A PDF resource object
Simple.ccA simple PDF file
Simple.hh [code]Definition of a simple PDF font
Standard.ccImplementation of the standard PDF fonts
Standard.hh [code]The 14 PDF standard font
graph/State.hh [code]
text/State.hh [code]
Stream.ccImplementation of the PDF stream clas
Stream.hh [code]A PDF stream class
Text.ccImplementation of text object
Text.hh [code]Text element in a page
TreeNode.ccImplementation of the CTreeNode class
TreeNode.hh [code]Definition of the page node
TrueType.ccImplementation of the PDF truetype font
TrueType.hh [code]Definition of the truetype font class
Type.hh [code]Information of PDF types
Types.hh [code]Convert freetype types to C types
XObject.hh [code]The external object class
XObjInst.ccImplementation of the XObject instance class
XObjInst.hh [code]An XObject instance appear in a page

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