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pdf::CDocInfo Class Reference

document info class More...

#include <DocInfo.hh>

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Detailed Description

document info class

this class store information about the PDF document. it is a helper class to store these information and write them to a PDF dictionary.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pdf::CDocInfo::CDocInfo const std::string &    title = std::string( ),
const std::string &    author = std::string( ),
const std::string &    subject = std::string( ),
const std::string &    keywords = std::string( ),
const std::string &    creator = std::string( ),
const std::string &    producer = std::string( )

construct an object with the given information. if any of the fields is absent, just give an empty string.

title  the document's title
author  the name of the person who created the document.
subject  the subject of the document.
keywords  the keywords associated with the document.
creator  if the document was converted to PDF from another format, the name of the application (for example, Adobe FrameMaker) that created the original document from which it was converted.
producer  if the document was converted to PDF from another format, the name of the application (for example, Acrobat Distiller) that converted it to PDF.

00057     : m_title( title ), m_author( author ), m_subject( subject ),
00058       m_keywords( keywords ), m_creator( creator ), m_producer( producer )
00059 {
00060 }

Member Function Documentation

bool pdf::CDocInfo::Empty   const

return true if the object is empty. i.e. all fields are equal to empty string. otherwise false.

00110 {
00111     return m_title.empty( )    && m_author.empty( )  && m_subject.empty( ) &&
00112            m_keywords.empty( ) && m_creator.empty( ) && m_producer.empty( ) ;
00113 }

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