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pdf::font::CStandard Class Reference

font class for the 14 build-in PDF standard fonts More...

#include <Standard.hh>

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Detailed Description

font class for the 14 build-in PDF standard fonts

this class represents the 14 build-in PDF standard fonts. these fonts is different from other type 1 font. they don't need descriptors and font embedding.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum pdf::font::CStandard::EName

an enum of the 14 standard fonts.

00049     {
00050         // variable width fonts
00051         times_roman, times_bold, times_italic, times_bold_italic,
00052         helvetica, helvetica_bold, helvetica_oblique, helvetical_bold_oblique,
00053         symbol, zapf_dingbats,
00055         // fix width fonts
00056         courier, courier_bold, courier_oblique, courier_bold_oblique
00057     } ;

Member Function Documentation

const core::CObjRef pdf::font::CStandard::Write core::CFile   file const [virtual]

write the resource to the PDF file

Implements pdf::common::CResource.

00055 {
00056     core::CDictionary *font = MakeFontDict( ) ;
00057     return file.AddObj( font ) ;
00058 }

Member Data Documentation

EName pdf::font::CStandard::m_name [private]

PDF resource name. auto-generated.

Reimplemented from pdf::common::CResource.

const std::string pdf::font::CStandard::sc_table [static, private]

Initial value:

    "Times-Roman", "Times-Bold", "Times Italic", "Times-BoldItalic",
    "Helvetica", "Helvetica-Bold", "Helvetica-Oblique", "Helvetica-BoldOblique",
    "Courier", "Courier Bold", "Courier-Oblique", "Courier-BoldOblique",
    "Symbol", "ZapfDingbats"   
mapping from the enum to the base names of the fonts

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