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pdf::core::CObjRef Class Reference

the object reference class More...

#include <Object.hh>

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Detailed Description

the object reference class

the object reference class is an indirect reference to a PDF object, if that PDF object has an unique identifier. such objects are represented by the CRefObj class.

this class will contain the identifier of the referenced object. when writing a CObjRef to a PDF file, the indirect reference will be outputed.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pdf::core::CObjRef::CObjRef pdfid_t    id [inline, explicit]

construct a object with the object identifier

00081 : m_id( id ) { }

pdf::core::CObjRef::~CObjRef   [inline]

destructor do nothing

00084 { }

Member Function Documentation

std::ostream & pdf::core::CObjRef::Write std::ostream &    os const [virtual]

output the indirect reference to the PDF file stream

Implements pdf::core::CObject.

00085 {
00086     return os << m_id << " 0 R" ;
00087 }

CObject * pdf::core::CObjRef::Dup   const [virtual]

dynamic clone.

Implements pdf::core::CObject.

00092 {
00093     return new CObjRef( m_id ) ;
00094 }

pdfid_t pdf::core::CObjRef::ID   const [inline]

return the object ID

00091 { return m_id ; }

Member Data Documentation

pdfid_t pdf::core::CObjRef::m_id [private]

the object identifier

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