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pdf::font::CProgStream Class Reference

a stream for font program files. More...

#include <ProgStream.hh>

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Detailed Description

a stream for font program files.

this class is used to represent font program streams. it will read the file and put the font program file data into the stream content. it will also add the required fields to the stream dictionary.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pdf::font::CProgStream::CProgStream const std::string &    filename

given the filename of a font program file, construct a stream. it will read the file and put the file content into our stream content. it will also add the uncompress length of the stream to the stream dictionary.

filename  filename of the font program file

00043 {
00044     using namespace std ;
00046     // open the font program file
00047     ifstream program( filename.c_str( ) ) ;
00049     // read the file by istreambuf iterator
00050     Assign( istreambuf_iterator<char>( program ),
00051             istreambuf_iterator<char>( ), 9 ) ;
00052 }

Member Function Documentation

core::CObject * pdf::font::CProgStream::Dup   const [virtual]

virtual copy constructor. will return new *this (or the like)

Implements pdf::core::CObject.

00063 {
00064     return new CProgStream( *this ) ;
00065 }

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