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Installing libpdf++


In order to compile libpdf++, your compiler must support:
  1. partial template specialization
  2. an STL implementation with template member functions
  3. a std::auto_ptr with reset()
  4. a for loop with scope of loop index only local within the loop
  5. compilng heavily templated code without generating internel complie errors.
In general, the gcc 3.2 compiler works well (at least for me). Versions before 3.0 should not work. I haven't tested. Visual C++ 6.0 cannot do any of the above points, so it should not work. The Intel complier is cool, but it cost money. In short, I don't have a copy of any compiler except gcc (it is Free!) and thus cannot try them now.

Library Dependencies

libpdf++ only needs the header files of the Boost library. You don't need to compile and install the whole Boost library to compile libpdf++. For Freetype, libjpeg and zlib, use the standard "./configure; make; make install" method will do the job.

Installation Procedure

This section assumes you have a UNIX-like environment. In windows you can use cygwin or mingw to do it (I haven't try so don't know if it works):

  1. assume you have installed zlib, libjpeg and freetype
  2. download the tarball: libpdfdoc-x.x.x.tar.gz
  3. tar zxvf libpdfdoc-x.x.x.tar.gz
  4. download boost library: boost_x_x_x.tar.gz
  5. extract it some where: cd /somewhere; tar zxvf boost_x_x_x.tar.gz; cd -
  6. configure libpdfdoc: configure --enable-boost=/somewhere
  7. complie: make

  8. install: make install
  9. done!
As my main development platform in x86 Linux, it should work well there. I don't have access to other platforms, so I can't make them work now. If you have problems in compiling libpdf++ on other platforms, please email me the error messages from the compiler, and I will see if I can help you.

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