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libpdf++ Design Note

This document will describe the internal design of libpdf++. It will explain the classes and their responsibilies among them.

and Dependencies

There are 7 packages of classes in libpdf++. There are:

This the utilities package. It contains helper classes and data structures not directly related to PDF.

This is the core PDF package. It contains the basic hierachy of PDF objects. A PDF file is consists of these basic PDF objects.

This package contains PDF related helper classes and data structures. Unlike the pdf::util package, this package depends on the pdf::core package.

This package contains classes for graphical elements inside the PDF document.

This package contains the font related classes, which encapsulate the fonts operations on PDF documents.

This package contains classes for textual elements inside the PDF document.

This package contains the contents of the document.

of the libpdf++ Classes

The "main" class in libpdf++ is of course the CDoc class. It represent a PDF document. It contains all data structures nessecary to create a PDF file. Most document wide operations acts on this class.

The CDoc contain a list of CPage objects, which represents a page in the document. The order of the pages is the same as the order in this list.

Classes are Involved When Creating a PDF File

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