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#include <TextLine.hh>

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Public Member Functions

const TextStateFormat () const
 Returns the text state of the text line.
const std::wstring & Text () const
 Returns the unicode string of the text line.
double Width () const
 Returns the width of the text line in text space units.
void VisitChars (CharVisitor *v) const
 Walkthrough all characters in the text line.

Detailed Description

The TextLine class represent a unit of text. Within a text line, the text matrix (e.g. position) and the text state will not change. In other words, the text line contains the text, matrix and the text state.

Member Function Documentation

void pdf::TextLine::VisitChars ( CharVisitor v  )  const

This function will call CharVisitor::OnChar() for each character it contains. The arguments of CharVisitor::OnChar() provide information to render the character glyphs.

v An implementation of the CharVisitor interface. Its OnChar() member function will be called.

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