pdf::CharVisitor Class Reference

Callback interface for TextLine::VisitChars(). More...

#include <CharVisitor.hh>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void OnChar (wchar_t ch, const Matrix &m, const Glyph *glyph, double scale_factor)=0
 Retrieve character information on a TextLine.

Detailed Description

The CharVisitor class represents

Member Function Documentation

virtual void pdf::CharVisitor::OnChar ( wchar_t  ch,
const Matrix m,
const Glyph glyph,
double  scale_factor 
) [pure virtual]

This function will be called by TextLine::VisitChars() for each character in the text line.

ch The unicode character code.
m The transformation matrix of the character. It will be advance accordingly for each call to OnChar().
glyph The glyph of the character.
scale_factor Scale factor of transforming font units to glyph units.

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